Absolver: how to fix errors, crashes, low FPS, network and other problems

Absolver is a new multiplayer game, the gameplay of which focuses mainly on close combat. In this project from the Sloclap studio, players will act as fighters hiding under the masks of the so-called Challengers, who will fight among themselves for the opportunity to join the ranks of the elite siloviki of the new rulers of the previously majestic Adal Empire.

At the moment, Absolver already has more than 2 thousand positive reviews on Steam, which indicates the success of the project, but still some players were able to face some technical problems, of course. It seems that the game has a problem related to servers, because of which players can not join them.

Other common problems in Absolver are classic flights and performance problems, for example, lags, jerks or a fall in the frame rate. The developers of the game indicated that they are already aware of all these problems and they began to deal with their solution, which will be presented shortly:

We are aware that some players are encountering a problem with strong lags that prevent them from enjoying the Absolver network experience. We apologize for such an “uneven” beginning, the team worked all night long to fix it. We have a couple of major fixes in the work, which should be available as early as next week and they will fix these problems. Thank you for your patience!


Problems with connecting to Absolver

Some players are incredibly annoyed by the presence of connection problems, because of which they simply can not connect to the server and start playing. It seems that before our eyes is the most that neither is a classic problem with too much influx of players: the game servers were simply not ready for such a load.

You can not solve this problem on your own. Developers are already working on this problem, but this can take a lot of time, given that they are indie-studio.

Our team is aware of the network problem faced by community members. We want to let you know that its correction is our priority and we are working hard to solve any problems related to server lags and problems.

How to unlock FPS in Absolver

To unlock the frame rate, you need to go to the AppData\Local\Absolver\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor directory. Open the Engine.ini file and add the following lines under the ConsoleVariables section.

bSmoothFrameRate = false
t.MaxFPS = 200
ShowFlag.VisualizeMotionBlur = 0
ShowFlag.MotionBlur = 0

Then open the file GameUserSettings.ini and add the following lines under the /script/engine.gameusersettings section:

bSmoothFrameRate = false
ShowFlag.VisualizeMotionBlur = 0
ShowFlag.MotionBlur = 0

Absolver crashes

Some players claim that the game can fly to the desktop within 3-8 minutes after launch. Sometimes, there may also be a bug with the message about the termination of the application. Other players claim that they can play the game after the customization begins.

If your game crashes at the moment of customization, then you can listen to one hint that came from the Steam forums. It turns out that the game flies at one particular moment. If you could open all the slots for your Combat Deck, DO NOT leave an empty space between the two tricks!

If Absolver takes off from you in other cases, at the start or in a random place, then you can try the following steps:

  • Try checking the integrity of the game files on Steam.
  • Find the Absolver on your computer and save it. Then start a new game. Also you can try to completely reset Absolver.

Absolver does not recognize the controller

If you are trying to play Absolver with the controller, but for some reason it is not recognized, the solution is to use the x360ce utility, which will disguise your controller under the controller from Xbox 360. Download this utility and put it in the Steam → SteamApps → Common → Absolver directory → Absolver → Binaries → Win64

Low FPS / lag at Absolver

A lot of players also complained that Absolver can terribly lag constantly or from time to time. To fix the lags and play at a high frame rate, you can try to disable the Blur and remove the lock on the FPS. With the second we have already met in the second paragraph, but here’s what you need to do in order to turn off the Fuzziness:

  1. Go to the AppData\Local\Absolver\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor directory.
  2. Open the Engine.ini file and add the following line:
    r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur = False
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