How to activate the full-screen mode in the game?

Sometimes even experienced users face the problem of a full-screen mode (FSM) while playing casual and indie games, as well as old low-resolution games. It turned out to be rather difficult.

But usually the algorithm of actions concerning how to expand a game to the full-screen mode is quite simple: change the resolution, press a combination of keys on the keyboard or activate the Window mode in the game settings. However, it does not always work.

To run the game in full-screen mode, first of all it is necessary to update the video card drivers. Outdated or built-in VGA-drivers can cause an inability to start the game in the normal resolution.

There are several ways of launching the game on the full screen. Below we describe the points of all known ways to play games in FSM.

Using keyboard shortcuts

In many applications you can try to press Alt+Enter on the keyboard. This can expand the game to the full screen mode.

Through the game settings

In many games, full-screen mode can be activated through the menu of graphic options. You should just select the proper mode: a window or a full screen.

Starting without additional parameters

Running a game in a window mode can be triggered by opening the program with the option -window.

In order to run the game without any additional parameters, use these instructions:

  • Right-click on the game icon and look for Properties.
  • Look if there is no -window command in the Object Delete it if it’s still there.

Setting via video card driver

If there are problems with the graphical display of the game, so the first thing you need to do is to update or reinstall the video driver. Then go to the graphics settings menu and adjust the scaling of the image. The menu will look different depending on the card manufacturer.

  • For NVIDIA cards: Enter the menu Adjust the size and position of the desktop and enable scaling.
  • For ATI cards: select Properties in the Display Properties menu and set the scale there.
  • For Integral Intel Graphics cards: select General Settings in the Display menu and set the scale.

Adjusting the display resolution

Sometimes the old games simply can’t be opened in the FSM because of too low resolution. If you try to deploy it in the full-screen mode than black bars appear on each side of the game, or the picture looks very bad.

If all previous methods do not help, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Go to the game settings and find out the highest resolution of it.
  • Set the same resolution through the computer settings.

Afterwards, the desktop and any program will look worse: it visually grows and other games created in a higher resolution won’t allow you to enjoy the graphics completely. That is why the screen resolution should be returned to the original value after you finished playing the old game.

Now you know how to do a full screen mode in various ways. It’s quite easy if you follow the instructions above. If you have any problems with the games on your PC or console, then try to find the answer in one of the articles on our website.

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