Apex Legends High CPU Usage – How to Fix

Apex Legends can by no means be called a resource-intensive video game. It can be enjoyed even by the owners of weak machines on Pentium, and not at the lowest graphics settings. And imagine how it feels when it costs not expensive game starts to load the computer’s CPU almost to all 100%.

What to do when Apex Legends loads the CPU up to 100%?

So what’s the reason? In fact, there may be many reasons. Players have nothing else to do but go through the available solutions and hope for the best.

  • Installing up-to-date versions of Microsoft Visual C++
  • Deactivation of dynamic scaling
  • Deactivation of Windows game mode
  • Frame rate limitation
  • Switching to windowed mode
  • Decreasing antialiasing level
  • Removal of Origin Launcher cache
  • Uninstalling/updating Razer Synapse
  • Limiting CPU to 2-4 cores in Task Manager

The last one needs to be examined in more detail.

  • Launch Apex Legends;
  • press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • click the PCM on the game process and select Set similarity;
  • select 2 or 4 CPU and save your changes.

Expand Apex Legends and check the CPU load. It may have returned to normal.

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