Bugs, errors, crashes and other problems Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Recently, the release of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. As usual with PC-version, was not without problems, although the owners of Titan X are reporting that they are all excellent, works as it should, and the frequency does not drop below 75 fps.

If you have problem with Ghost Recon: Wildlands, that’s what the problem can be solved independently, while there is no official patch.


Ghost Recon Wildlands crashes to desktop;
Ghost Recon Wildlands program is not responding.
Black screen in Ghost Recon Wildlands

  • update your video card driver to the latest version.
  • Turn off your antivirus\firewall, or add the game to exceptions.
  • To verify the integrity of game files in Steam (right click > properties)
  • Turn off all recording software, like Fraps, MSI AfterBurner and others. They could interfere with your DirectX setup.
  • If the game crashes when you start the game in full screen, try windowed mode.
  • A black screen may appear because of the huge list of reasons. Make sure that the game resolution to match the setting of your monitor or TV. If you are using HDMI, unplug it and run the game. Wait a couple of minutes before inserting it back. Also check that the refresh rate of the game and your monitor are compatible with each other and the rate set at 60Hz.
  • Clean the registry of debris.
  • For all the problems with DLL and APPCRASH, it is recommended to reinstall your DirectX and, if necessary, manually install missing DLL files.
  • Sometimes the game will not start if it is not installed on the same drive as your operating system. It is recommended to run rungame.exe administrator.
    Some users game crashes to desktop when you open the card. The reason for this error is unknown yet even to developers, you can test the integrity of the game files or even reinstall the game.
  • If gives you the error about outdated version of the game when you start, we recommend that you remove all previous versions and to verify the integrity of game files . You can also try to delete some other files, such as: events.xml, Uyuni.grw, VersionDescription.ini and NvGsa.x64.dll.
  • Games have Ubisoft to release there is a traditional bug associated with the imperfection of Uplay. If the game does not start, open task Manager, find the program called Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. Complete this process. Close Uplay and start the game again from your Steam library.

Low framerate in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, hangs or crashes

  • Update the graphics card driver.
  • If you have problems with optimization, try disabling shadows, MSAA and other advanced graphics settings.
  • AMD users should disable Raptr in task Manager. Disable any resource-intensive programs that run in the background. Also, try setting a Tessellation level 8x\16x and deliver Quality texture filtering, smaller for performance in the software of the graphics card.
  • For users should go to Nvidia control panel 3d settings. Make sure the Mode is power management set to a Maximum performance.
  • If you have encountered problems with screen flickering or frame synchronization, disable Crossfire/SLI and run the game using single GPU. Also, disable the Steam Overlay by right click on the game in Steam library and then go to “Properties”.
  • Turn off all overlay programs, and disable any recording programs like Fraps, D3DGear, MSI Afterburner, etc.
  • Disable third-party background apps and set the highest priority for the game in task Manager. Disable any form of software overclocking.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands not working with second monitor

The problem sometimes occurs with users that have two displays. When the game starts “working” monitor becomes a second screen instead of the primary.

Possible solution:

  • Navigate to the folder C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ My games \ Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Open a GRW file.ini using any text editor, such as Notepad. Be sure to make a backup copy of the file.
  • Look for the setting “Output monitor”. It can take values 0, 1 or 2. Try to change the settings until you get the desired setting.
  • Save the file and restart the game.

100% CPU load in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

In task Manager switch the priority of the game from high to normal. also try to disable vertical sync.

A bug with the cover in Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Many players face this problem is the game in the frieze, when the player is hiding behind cover. Now the only solution is to restart the game. Official patches should fix this bug.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is not downloaded

Many users have reported that when downloading a game on Uplay download stuck after a certain point (especially after downloading 27 GB), and it cannot be renewed. While Ubisoft is looking for a solution to this problem, the community already came up with the method — change the Internet connection (and thus IP), the download may be resumed.

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