Bugs, errors, crashes Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 was surprisingly controversial with no performance issues… which are gradually becoming something of a far-fetched standards for the gaming industry, because “a lot of configurations and all.”

Despite the fact that Resident Evil 7 is working very cheerfully, and without serious problems, some difficulties, some gamers may still occur. Here are some of the “most common” problems that can be solved by yourself.

If you can’t solve any problems — write in comments.


#1 Resident Evil 7 crashes — error Api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll

If the game crashes at startup, while on screen appears a message you need to install a C++ library. In the case that doesn’t work, then try to install the version of the library, which is located in the game folder. Or read this article – How to fix file api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missin on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard?

#2 Error Resident Evil 7 — missing files MFplat.dll and/or MFreadweite.dll

This problem is similar to the first point, however, you need to download a media pack. Make sure it corresponds to your system.

#3 This sound in Resident Evil 7 — trouble with sound

If you are using the onboard sound card, update the driver and make sure the settings are standard.

#4 Resident Evil 7 crashes after Intro video

Likely your hardware does not support SSE4.2. While there is no solution, so expect a patch or upgrade iron.

#5 Resident Evil 7 not loading on laptop

Connect the laptop to the network. Also try to establish the working files that are included with the game. Start the game on the GPU, not integrated graphics.

#6 Error Resident Evil 7 — builder\\modules\\render\\os\\renderdevice dx11.cpp” 1661 Direct3D 11?????

Your GPU must support DirectX 11 to run the game. As extra measures, you can try this guide:

«yes now its possible to run dx11 game on dx10 graphics card.from this link you have to download the windows sdk and you have to install this in your pc.the link is (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/hardware/hh852363.aspx).after installing this you have to search the dxcpl.exe from your windows searchbox and from dxcpl.exe you have to activate the “force WARP” and the level is 11.1 thats it.remember you have to find and locate the game .exe run file.now its done…..my name is subrata das.»

#7 the Problem with mouse and/or keyboard in Resident Evil 7

Disable the controller if activated. Try to use basic settings mouse/keyboard.

#8 Low frame rate in Resident Evil 7

Make sure that you are the latest drivers, particularly on the GPU. Also check what background apps does not eat resources of the machine. If you play on a laptop, make sure that the game uses the GPU and not the onboard graphics.

Enable “Caching of Shadows” in the settings to increase the fps.

#9 the Problem with the download Resident Evil 7

If the game freezes on 99%, change the region in Steam to download. Don’t forget to restart the service.

#10 Black screen in Resident Evil 7

Try to run the game in windowed mode. Make sure the resolution and refresh rate correspond to the game. If the game is running at a resolution above your monitor, then lower it to standard.

#11 the problem with the textures in Resident Evil 7

Probably due to lack of video memory as caching shadow fills the memory. You can disable this option.

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