Download The Sims FreePlay APK for Android

The Sims FreePlay-a game that in a short time was able to earn great reviews from game critics. For example, a resource called Gamezebo wrote that this game is an incredible nugget in a long series of games The Sims, which is given to all gamers absolutely free.” And the famous resource God is Geek gives the Sims FreePlay the highest rating of 10 out of 10 and writes that the free Sims is truly a great game, and it must be on any mobile smartphone. Well, in the end, the famous 148 Apps call Sims a grandiose happiness without a price.

So, what’s so incredible about this?

And the fact that in this part You will be able to live and play in absolute freedom (although the first from the second is already inherent). Get a lot of experience using your own tablet or other device. You will have at your disposal more than two dozen game characters and, as always, you will be able to rebuild each of them – from appearance to character traits. And everything else remains, as in the computer versions of the world-famous life simulator.

Build a beautiful home for yourself and your entire gaming family. This non-trivial simulator will help you become a real king of the second life, which will take place in a bright and colorful virtual world. First of all, model the game hero – change the gender, face shape, skin tone, find a job and dress at your own discretion. In the Sims freeplay project, you can create up to sixteen characters. To make this character feel good and comfortable, the player will need to give him all sorts of tasks – from the most ordinary bathroom visits, to more time-consuming ones, such as regular visits to work or establishing relationships with a neighbor on the site. I want to notice that you live with your pet absolutely synchronously, i.e. if you have come to twilight time, then everything is exactly the same for him, if you have a day and he will also be awake! In addition, the player will need to improve his character in every possible way and increase his financial situation to purchase all the delights of the game world-arrange him for a good job, where he will earn game currency.

Game money can still be earned for planting crops in the garden, as well as performing additional missions, or running a small business. And yet, you will need to equip your own home, where everything will be located to your taste. The main thing is that you have money for all this! Buy a pet and divide the garden into separate plots, as well as occasionally pamper the hero with culinary delights. In General – enjoy life, create new stores, increase the territory of the city to populate it with new residents, work on personal relationships with friends and other people through slaps, hugs and jokes! In the end, I would like to say that the Sims Freeplay project can drag you for many hours, especially since the game is endless in its genre!

Download The Sims FreePlay APK + MOD

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