Escape from Tarkov: Scavs and PMCs – What’s the Difference?

The world of Escape from Tarkov is populated by two factions: Scavs and PMCs. Professional mercenary can easily distinguish a member of one faction from another, but for beginners it’s almost an impossible task. In today’s article we’ll tell you who are Scaws and PMCs and how they differ from each other in EfT.


Who are Scavs and PMCs in Escape from Tarkov?

Before we get into the differences between the two factions, we need to understand what they are all about.

Scavs (Scavengers) is one of the main factions of EfT, which, for the most part, is populated by bots. Players have to confront the Scavs when carrying out PMCs raids. According to the official lore, the Scavs are civilians, gang members, and just the dregs of society who have had to take up arms in order to survive in the violent, militaristic world of EfT.

In terms of equipment and training, the Scavs are at a distinct disadvantage, but they more than compensate for this deficiency in their numbers. PMCs (Private Military Companies) are private military companies hired by various organizations. USEC (United Security) is a PMC, which was hired by Terra Group Labs as a personal protection. BEAR (Battle Encounter Assault Regiment) is a private army hired by the Russian government to eliminate Terra Group Labs.

When choosing a faction, players can join the Scavs or PMCs (USEC or BEAR).

How to distinguish Scavs from PMCs in Escape from Tarkov?

Scavs and PMCs have several differences. Some of the differences are immediately apparent, while others must be closely watched. However, in battle you will not have time to look out for these differences, so it is better to know about them in advance.

PMCs are real players and the Scavs are NPCs, but not always

Remember once and for all: PMCs can only include real players, while Scavs can include both real players and bots. Players become Scavs in order to, so to speak, balance the game.

Scav-Bot and Scav-Player – what are the differences?

Over the past few years, the artificial intelligence of the Scavs in EfT has undoubtedly gotten better. Bots in the game operate so as to simulate the behavior of real players as accurately as possible. However, they are far from perfect: the AI has certainly received an upgrade, but not so severe as to be indistinguishable from humans.

Consider a few examples. Scavs-players often kill each other over loot, even if they are on the same team. Scavs-bots will attack a real player without warning, while a Scavs-player may be hesitant, showing some uncertainty about his actions.

Sounds made by Scavs

In Escape from Tarkov it is vital to listen to sounds and voices. You can tell by the sound alone if a Scavs is near you or someone from the PMC. For example, Scavs-bot will make a special sound when running – as if someone is dragging their feet. Most players, especially experienced ones, will try to make as little noise as possible. Bots also have a habit of stopping abruptly in place, which real players don’t do.

Voices Made by Scavs

If you hear any shouting in Russian in the game, then you are almost 100% dealing with a Scav-bot. Real players will not yell at the top of their lungs into the voice chat, and moreover, not in Russian. Nevertheless, there are documented cases when the Scavs-Players disguised themselves as Scavs-Bots.

Clothing of PMCs and Scavs

From a distance it is difficult to immediately understand whether they are a member of PMC or Scavs. However, once you get closer, you can pay attention to some details. The easiest way to determine who is in front of you is the presence of certain logos on their clothing. Each faction in the EfT has its own special logo. Another point, PMC members tend to walk around in full gear, while the Scavs make do with minimal survival kits.

Scavs-Bots appear only in special areas of EfT

Scavs-players and PMCs are free to move around the in-game map. Scavs-Bots do not have this freedom: they are only found in certain zones that they cannot leave, plus they will not attack the PMCs outright .

One way or another, you will learn to distinguish Scavs from PMCs in Escape from Tarkov if you play the game longer. Like they say, everything comes with experience. The main thing is to be attentive, and do not forget the above facts. If you hesitate, you will die.

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