Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2022: When is The Next Reset?

Escape From Tarkov Wipe happens approximately every 5-6 months. Here’s what you need to know about the next game reset in 2022.

The so-called Escape from Tarkov Wipes are global resets that completely nullify the progress of the entire player base. Levels and gear are all deleted from accounts by the developers. Sounds like an event of apocalyptic proportions, especially for beginner mercenaries, who gathered a fairly decent arsenal in six months, but it’s quite natural event for the game, which repeats from two to several times a year.

And now the main question: Escape from Tarkov Wipe in 2022 — when will it happen? We will try to answer it right now.

Escape from Tarkov Wipe 2022 – When?

Battlestate Games studio has never announced the exact dates of wipes. We only know that they happen about every 5-6 months. Therefore the expected date of the next wipe this year will be based on the dates of previous wipes. Unfortunately, there is no other way. Here’s a list of all Escape from Tarkov wipes since 2017:

  • 12.26.2017
  • 04.19.2018
  • 07.19.2018
  • 11.08.2018
  • 04.09.2019
  • 10.27.2019
  • 05.28.2020
  • 12.24.2020
  • 06.30.2021
  • 12.12.2021
  • 06.29.2022

Based on the above dates, it is clear that the wipes happen on average every 150-200 days. Given that the last game’s wipe was in June, we assume that the next Escape from Tarkov Wipe will be in December 2022/January 2023.

What to expect from Escape from Tarkov Wipe?

Escape From Tarkov Wipe 2022

As a rule, wipes are the harbingers of major changes in gameplay. Each player’s progress is reset: the completed story, weapons, equipment – all this and more is deleted from the account. The only consolation is that after a wipe, the player is given an initial set of useful items. So to speak, a cushion, softening the blow.

Developers do regular wipes for several reasons. The main one is to eliminate the various bugs and errors that arise after making numerous updates. Wipes also result in an influx of new players, who would be an easy prey for heavily armed veterans. But the wipes level the playing field.

If we find out any additional information on the topic of the upcoming wipes in Escape from Tarkov, we’ll be sure to update the article. Stay tuned for more updates!

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