How to fix the black screen in the game?

It happens that there are some conflict between the graphics adapter drivers and the OS data. It may cause the black screen effect. In addition, there are several other reasons why the black screen appears. It is worth noting that this problem is crucial for many new games, including Batman: Arkham Knight, ARK: Survival Evolved and The Witcher 3.

The reasons of the black screen

As have been mentioned, there can be a lot of reasons of this bug. Nevertheless, we identified the most common causes of this phenomenon:

  • The absence of the necessary software. Many people forget to update the video drivers or do not install/update DirectX, Visual C ++, Net Framework.
  • Technical problems. For example, overheating of the graphics card or the motherboard.
  • Improper connection of the monitor.
  • The problem with the game itself. It may be necessary to download the most recent patch or to take some other actions.

How to remove the black screen effect?

As we have understood the emergence of the black screen appearance, let’s find out the exact recommendations and the pieces of advice of how to fix the black screen. All recommendations will be written in the list below, starting from the most basic solutions and ending with more complex.

  • If you see the black screen after the start of the game, check the version of your video driver. It is possible that you are trying to play in the modern game using the old drivers.
  • If you have the most recent drivers, then try to click Alt+Enter after the game start to go to the window mode. It may help to display the main menu. Manipulate with the graphics settings. If it does not work, contact technical support of the exact game.
  • It may be the problem of the technical level. Graphics adapter overheating or the problems with the motherboard can decrease the game quality. We recommend to clean the dust from the laptop or the PC, renewing the thermal grease.

Of course, there are dozens and dozens of other issues that somehow affect the appearance of a black screen when entering the game. They are too individual, and their listing is not possible.

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