How to fix crashes in Dark Souls 3?

The new project called Dark Souls 3 crashes quite regularly, if to take in account all the player reviews. The most common issues are: the screen freezing, the application crashing to the desktop, the disk write error.

We have surfed on the Internet and found the most multipurpose solution for some of these problems.

How to fix the crash at the bonfire in Dark Souls 3

This issue is the most annoying. Sometimes It is so difficult to get to the next bonfire that one wants to punch his system unit when the game crashes. Well, there is a solution:

  • open the game settings;
  • set the “Low” level of the “Lighting quality”;
  • turn off the “Auto adjust graphics settings”;
  • run the game application.

These steps can help if your video card is NVidia below the 900 series.

How to fix the autosave framerate drops in Dark Souls 3

This one is quite easy to do:

  • open the game settings;
  • set the “Power management” option to “Prefer maximum performance”.

Note: one can also edit the “GraphicsConfig” file to change the graphics settings. It can be found in C:\Users\ACCOUNT_NAME\Appdata\Roaming\Dark Souls III. Be sure that you are skilled enough to work with such files!

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