How to fix Crashes, Erros, Low FPS issues, Bonfire Crashes, Save problems in Dark Souls 3?

In this article we have collected some of Dark Souls 3 errors and fixes for them. Let’s start.


Low FPS issues in Dark Souls 3

Update video drivers

Try to run the game in Windowed mode

Set high priority to game

Dark Souls 3 Doesn’t Start

Just wait whil blue bar on download screen will be full to start dowloading.

Dark Souls 3: Inability to move the Character after respawn

Install Dark Souls 3 in a folder located outside your normal Steam folder.

Bonfire Crash in Dark Souls 3

Try to lower the graphics settings.

Make a steam file verification

Dark Souls 3 Crashes Randomly

In case of playing with 1440p or 4K resolution you might get some random crashes.

Reduce screen resolution to 1080p to play well.

Low FPS issues on Nvidia Adaptor

Roll back to Driver 314.22 in order to fix low FPS issues.

White Screen in Dark Souls 3

Open options.ini file

Change game default resolution lower 1080p

Dark Souls 3 PC error (0xc000007b)

Install DirectX and .Net framework  from the Dark Souls 3 directory manually.

Restart your system after installation

Performance solution for GTX 5xxx Series

Roll back your video drivers to version 314.22

Stuttering Issues in Dark Souls 3

Try to reinstall Dark Souls 3 to a HDD from SSD.

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