How to fix crashes while playing Bioshock Remastered?

Bioshock nowadays considered by players like golden classics of shooter genre. And for all of fans of this game, 2K made a remastered version – Bioshock Remastered. But, unfortunately, players have faced with crashes while playing Bioshock Remastered. So let’s take a look on this bug.

Fix for crashes while playing Bioshock Remastered

crashes while playing Bioshock Remastered

As our research has shown, crashes may start after you change the file Bioshock.ini. Changes in these you could make from inside the game itself, as well as through direct intervention in this file.

If you look at this case in more detail, it appears that the crashes are due to changes in the game control settings. If you change the button “Actions” on any other key on the keyboard or an additional button on the mouse, it is likely that Bioshock Remastered will have you constantly crash.

It’s hard to argue that only the button “Actions” causes crashes. So in order to get rid of crashes, you have not change the control settings as you comfortably. Let us hope that 2K fix this rather serious “mistake” in the remastered version of the game.

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