How to fix Error AP301 in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex?

One of the critical issues of the Apex open-beta is the error AP301. It denotes the absence of the video driver or its damaged data, so you should simply reinstall it.


  1. One should go to the System tab that can be found in the Start menu -> Settings.
  2. Switch to the Display section there and look for Advanced display settings.
  3. In Display adapter properties can be found the desired Adapter Type. It will show you the exact name of your graphics card.
  4. Visit the GPU manufacturer’s web-site to download the most recent driver.

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André Camacho
André Camacho

It didnt work, it still the same i have already done that, but me and my friends still cant play the game and i have a amd r9 380 nitro oc 2g, isnt that enought to play?