How to fix error FH501 in Forza Horizon 3

27 september 2016 has been released another game from really popular racing game series – Forza Horizon 3. PC players many year wanted to fully experience Forza Horizon games. And this happened. But on startup players encountered with error FH501. This article give you a fix from this problem.

Fix to error error FH501 in Forza Horizon 3

First of all you need to know that this game requires DirectX 12. So you need to check what version do you have. For this make next steps:

  • Press Win+R and type dxdiag. This action will open DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Proceed to System tab and look at information about your version of DirectX.

If your system don’t have this version of DirectX, just go to official site of Microsoft and download it. This steps definitely should fix error FH501.

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