How to fix Shadow Warrior 2 Not Starting?

Shadow Warrior 2 is a sequel to the acclaimed 2013 original restart Shadow Warrior. The game was released yesterday evening and the players have taken once again the role of Lo Wang – a charismatic murderer-bodyguard, performing all kinds of dirty work. However, the evening was spoiled to some of the players that the Shadow Warrior 2 Not Starting on their computers.

At this point, the problem is most common among users. By clicking on the “Play” button, located in the Steam library, nothing happens, the game simply will not start. In others, the game may run for a few seconds with a black screen, but then closes. While Steam indicates that Shadow Warrior 2 is still running.

Now, let’s fix the problem that the Shadow Warrior 2 Not Starting. Take a look at the list of solutions to this problem:

  • Try to install all that is in the Redist folder of the game as an Administrator. Maybe your system lacks some of the updated library.
  • If you are a user of Windows N and Shadow Warrior 2 Not Starting, you will need to install the Media Feature Pack. Download it for you with this link. After installation, restart your PC. Windows will update himself and you finally can run the game.

There is a simple way to check whether to install the correct Media Feature Pack. Just type in the search box on the computer “windows media player”. If you can find it in the results, the Media Feature Pack established correctly.

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