How Important are Gestures in Elden Ring on PC and How to Use Them

If you want to interact with other players or just mock defeated opponents in Elden Ring on PC, you definitely need to learn how to use gestures.

Elden Ring is the latest work in FromSoftware’s rich portfolio. Unlike the company’s other games, this project gave players a truly open world with a whole bunch of new content. And in spite of drastically changed formula, some things remained unchanged – the difficulty. Moreover, some even say that Elden Ring is one of the most challenging FromSoftware games.

To survive in the harsh conditions of the Lands Between, sometimes you have to enlist the help of other players. And in order to interact with these players, it is necessary to use special gestures. Pointing down, waving your hand, standing in Elden’s ring pose – all this and much more is done with the help of the gesture menu.

How Do I Use Gestures in Elden Ring on PC?

To use gestures in Elden Ring, you need to open the in-game menu (gear, inventory, status, etc.) and move to the right side of that menu. This is where you will find shortcuts and gestures. The latter will default to the six standard gestures that are most commonly used by players. Elden Ring has a wide variety of gestures – you can assign any existing or found gestures to the Quick Access Toolbar.

It is important to note that gestures are not only used when communicating with players. Gestures can be used to interact with certain NPCs or… elements in the environment. The game, of course, never tells the player this, but we thought you should know. Don’t understand how to solve a particular puzzle? Try using one of the gestures.

What are your favorite gestures in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments!

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