Guide NBA 2K18: how to fix errors, crashes, low FPS, stuck update and other problems

NBA 2K18, a new game in the highly acclaimed sports franchise, and yesterday it became available via Steam for PC and for consoles. This time basketball simulator is supplemented by a huge number of innovations that would please the fans, but this unfortunately did not happen.

Published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K18 got Steam just disgusting assessment: at the time of this writing, only 35% of positive feedback from the total. Fans disappointed by the game, as, in their opinion, has become much worse compared to the previous games in the franchise.

Also a great many players have complained of numerous technical problems, which hinder to play now already not the most part of the series NBA of the 2K Sports. Among all the problems highlighted errors, crashes, problems when trying to update the game or even launch it. Plus, also let’s not forget about the classic problem with performance on some computer configurations(PC gaming is that there’s to do).

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 crashes

Some players complain that their copy of the game could crash. And she does this in different places: during startup, during a match or, for example, during a final whistle. Anyway all these problems with the departure, as it turned out, may appear because of an incompatibility between your video driver with the NBA 2K18. Here’s what you need to do in order to get rid of the crashes:

  • You can try to update the graphics driver for your graphics card. This will be especially useful to those who have not updated it for quite a long time.
  • Make sure that you are trying to run NBA 2K18 on the integrated GPU! Laptop owners often forget to go, for example, of the Thrifty food plan for my car, which when activated is used only integrated graphics card, and its obviously not enough for entertainment like this.

Not downloaded the update in NBA 2K18

A great many players encountered a bug, because of which they can be stuck on the update screen in the game. The update starts downloading, and then happens nothing or the screen displays the message “file is corrupted”.

One user on Reddit realised what the problem is: for some reason, the updates for NBA 2K18 downloaded, but not installed in the automatic mode. He also made a small guide to bypass this trouble: don’t start the download, just go to “Play now” and start playing in the NBA 2K18.

Eventually(usually after several minutes), you have in the game a message appears saying that the game needed to install the update. Go the main menu and then the update will be automatically installed.

NBA 2K18 does not start

Also NBA 2K18 sometimes does not start players that are even worse than face diverse problems. As always: users click to Play the library of games, but absolutely nothing happens.

To fix this problem, you first need to check if corrupted the game itself. This is done by checking the integrity of game files in Steam. Go to the properties of the NBA 2K18 in the library of their games and go to the tab “Local files” and then click on the “Verify integrity of game files…”.

This will start the process of checking the integrity of the game files and no missing files. If something is damaged or missing, Steam will re-download. After checking then try to run the NBA 2K18.

Low FPS and lag in NBA 2K18

Many players were also faced with the problem of low productivity. NBA 2K18 there are lags, low frame rate and choppy. As mentioned in one of the paragraphs above, make sure you do not try to run the game on integrated graphics card is very important!

Switching to the discrete graphics card should happen automatically when you try to run processor-intensive app or video game. However, sometimes this does not happen. Go into the control panel of your video card(Nvidia or AMD Radeon) and put the settings so that the games used are preferably high-performance graphics accelerator.

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