How to fix error 1004 when starting game Spore?

You spent money buying the game  Spore, and perhaps even all the extras to it. The download is over, there are no problems, it remains only to restart the computer. However, when after a reboot you try to start the game, instead of the expected space with the planets you see the following: “Could not find the Data directory, we can not run. [1004] . And now the thought of wasted money comes to your mind … Stop! Do not panic!

This is not a problem, but only a small nuisance that even an inexperienced user can solve . To do this, use one of the simple solutions below.

How to fix error 1004 when starting game Spore?

Check out two simple solutions to this problem.

First method

It is to eliminate the error without reinstalling and unnecessary problems.

Use the following step-by-step instruction for this:

  1. Open “My Computer” , enter C: \ Windows \ regedit in the search box , click
  2. In the ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” section find the ” SOFTWARE” , in it open the ” WOW6432node” . Next, find ” Electronic Arts” , where you see ” SPORE0″ .
  3. In the right window, create four lines:

AppDir = SPORE
DataDir = C: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ SPORE \ Data \
InstallLoc = C: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ SPORE
PlayerDir = My Spore Creations

PS: Instead of “C: \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ SPORE” you need to specify the path * to Spore  on YOUR computer.

That’s all! After completing all the steps, restart the computer and start the game. If the error 1004 appears again, it still does not start, then you will have to use the second method. 

What is the path to the game? How to specify it?

The path to any file  (including your game) is a set of characters that shows the location of this file in the file system of your computer. In other words, this is the path with the names of the disks and folders that you need to open in order to find the file.

How to specify the path to the game ? Open the folder ” SPORE”,  copy everything that at this moment is in the search box. This will be the path you need.

Second method

It is associated with reinstallation and, to save time, it is recommended to resort to them if the first method did not help to solve the problem.

However, if you did everything correctly, following the instructions, and the toy still does not start due to error 1004, it means that you still have to reinstall it. This will probably solve the problem, just take a little longer. Be patient! The creator of the worlds must be able to wait =) The main thing is to get the result!

Problems with the game

ATTENTION *:  when reinstalling the game, it is important to ensure that the directory does not contain Russian characters. For example, D: \ igruhi \ SteamLibrary contains Russian characters. This may be the cause of the problem. Select a directory (that is, the location of your game files) so that Russian characters are missing. For example, D: \ mygames \ SteamLibrary.

* It’s not a fact that the presence of Russian characters in the directory will again lead to an error, but there is such a probability. And you probably already just want to play quietly! So it is better to be attentive to this remark, so as not to have to spend time again and reinstall the “disputes” for the third time.

We hope the above information helped you get rid of error 1004.

Enjoy the world of Spore!

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