How to Lock Doors in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, players have to create their own bases – real fortifications with walls, windows, and doors. Speaking of the latter, did you know that in the new installment of “forest adventures” you cannot close doors? Yes, it sounds absurd, but it’s true. For some reason the developers from Endnight Games studio decided that in a game where you have to fight off cannibals, you don’t need to close the doors.

Anyway, officially you can’t close doors in Sons of the Forest, at least not at the moment. However, there are a couple of unofficial methods that can secure your home base from all sorts of carnivorous foes.

How to Close Doors in Sons of the Forest

The first method

The first – and easiest – method is to block the door of your house with a log. Logs can be chopped with an axe in the woods, as you can probably guess. Simply take any log available and block the entrance to the base with it. Important point: The log should be placed vertically, ie, not just put it in front of the door, but rather to block the whole passage. The method works on smoothly – tested by more than one player.

The second method

The second method is a little more complicated. Essentially you have to cheat the artificial intelligence. To prevent uninvited guests from breaking into your home, the latter must be built… on the second floor of another structure. Apparently, the enemy AI only sees the first floor, so it won’t search the floor above, even if your base is there.

As you might have guessed by now, these two methods can be combined with each other. We put the base on the second floor and barricade the doors with logs – for maximum security. Of course, at some point, the developers may release a number of patches, as a result of which these methods will not work. Keep an eye out for patches and read what has been fixed.

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