How to Make a Lot of Money Fast in GTA Online in 2023

You can make a lot of money fast in GTA Online in 2023! The 5 most effective ways to get GTA$ – let’s go! 

Money has always been a problem for GTA Online players – almost from the very launch. But over the years, the situation has worsened: to feel more or less comfortable in the virtual San Andreas you need to be a literal millionaire.

And now we will help you become this same millionaire…


Method #1 Agency

To perform this method you need to be the proud owner of the Agency. Once you have one, please follow these steps:

  • log in to your Agency and sit down at your computer;
  • in the contract database, select the normal security contracts;
  • run the contract at the highest level (Specialist+);
  • complete the contract job (5 to 15 minutes) and return back to the Agency.

In just a few minutes you can earn between 80,000 and 150,000 GTA$. You don’t even need to call your friend, as these contracts are very easy to complete solo.

Method #2 HSW Time Trial

Don’t like doing HSW time trials? How about getting over 250,000 GTA$ for a single HSW time trial, which by the way takes only 2 minutes? Here’s what you need to do:

  • drive to the HSW time trial, which is located at Del Pierro Beach;
  • take your fastest HSW car;
  • place your car in the center of the test circle;
  • start the challenge and immediately open the map;
  • place a GPS dot at the finish line of the trial (yellow dot);
  • cancel the trial via your smartphone;
  • place your car in such a position that only its rear bumper touches the trial circle (the very edge!);
  • perform the HSW time trial on the route laid out on the map.

Depending on the vehicle, the trial can be completed within 2-3 minutes. Agreed, 250,000 GTA$ for a couple of minutes is quite a good method of making money.

Method #3 LSIA Time Trial

The next method can help you earn over 100,000 GTA$ in just 2 (!) minutes. Of course, everything will depend on the maximum speed of your vehicle (i.e. motorcycle) and your driving skills.

  • drive to the LSIA time trial, which is located in the heart of Los Santos International Airport;
  • start the trial and immediately go to the map screen;
  • place a GPS marker at the finish line of the trial (to the north);
  • now exit the trial using your phone;
  • place your bike on the edge of the trial circle with the rear wheel (on the very edge!) and run the time trial again;
  • get to the finish line on the map as quickly as possible.

At the finish line, you will receive 101,000 GTA$. Yes, the amount is not the greatest, but considering the time spent, it’s pretty much okay.

Method #4 Warehouse

This next method only works this week – hurry up! So, walk into your warehouse, walk up to an employee, and request a special cargo for $7,500 GTA. Normally delivery time was about 48 minutes, but this week there is a 25% delivery speed booster working. Delivery now takes only 36 minutes of real time. If you have five warehouses at your disposal, you can get 5 to 15 crates of cargo in 36 minutes.

Method #5 RC Bandito Time Trial

Probably the easiest method of making money on today’s list. Why? Well, it’s because you just have to complete the RC Bandito time trial, which is located at Vespucci Beach (Aguja Street). No, seriously, a short ride in a radio-controlled car and you’ll get 102,000 GTA$ to your personal account. No special positioning or marking on the map – easy money.

Using all five methods above you will surely earn a lot of money in GTA Online in 2023.

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