Metal Gear Survive Guide: tips for beginners

A few days ago, the release of the next game of the legendary spy series – Metal Gear Survive. It is worth noting that the franchise, thanks to the diligence of the company Konami, has changed its course: it literally became survival-horror with zombies. Some players remained extremely perplexed by such a drastic change, while others – are seething with rage towards the developer/publisher in the person of Konami.

Nevertheless, let’s not go into public opinion about the game, but let’s talk about its mechanics and other aspects. Metal Gear Survive is a survail horror, as we indicated. In itself, this genre has never been particularly simple: some players experience small problems when they try to get into such games. In this article, we will try to clarify for you some game mechanics in Metal Gear Survive: leveling, collecting resources, hunger and so on.


Tips for beginners in Metal Gear Survive

In Metal Gear Survive you will have to constantly remain in motion, collect various items to improve attributes, set different traps for opponents and other defenses to increase your chances of winning. Let’s see how this works.

How to satisfy hunger and thirst in Metal Gear Survive

In Metal Gear Survive you have to survive, and therefore in the game there are real mechanics of hunger and thirst. To meet these completely human needs, players will need to collect supplies with food and water, which can be anywhere.

It is a random location and will force you to climb on their quest for high mountains, abandoned settlements and spacious fields. You need to constantly monitor that you have plenty of provisions and water, otherwise you will not die at the hands of zombies, but from neglecting simple human needs.

How the crafting system works in Metal Gear Survive

The system of crafting in Metal Gear Survive is of great importance, because with it, players can improve or modify their arsenal of weapons and equipment to be more effective on the battlefield. It is also worth noting that to create some guns you will need to disassemble parts for others.

Among other things, players can improve their weapons bench to a more advanced level, with which you can create better things. This improvement is only available when you reach a certain level with your character.

It is also worth mentioning that you are not afraid or lazy to carry out outside missions. This is done simply because on these missions you can find valuable items in the form of new weapons, soldiers for recruitment and other useful things that you will definitely need during the game.

And most importantly – all the resources and materials you receive will help in the development of your Base, which has no less important role than in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. By developing it, you will be able to open various institutions, for example, for reconnaissance, the development of useful weapons, modifications for it, etc.

Tips for multiplayer

Consider every step you take! Saving ammunition is incredibly important during the influx of waves of opponents, as getting it is an extremely difficult task. Restoring ammunition will require you to create gunpowder on the layout, access to which you will receive only if the missions are completed. As an alternative, you can get other weapons in the gap between the waves to use it later on the game.

Leveling Up – Energy Cuban

You can increase your level both in a single game and in multiplayer using Energy Kuban, which is the main currency in the world of Metal Gear Survive. Kuban is extracted directly during the passage of various missions.

Metal Gear Survive also has a small admixture of RPG elements: increasing the level of your character, you get special skill points. You can apply these skill points to enhance one of your attributes: Strength, Health, Dexterity and Endurance. These attributes will allow you to maximize the damage done by the character, improve its mobility in combat, and increase the amount of weight carried, which, naturally, will increase the chances of survival.

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