Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Guide: all ingame skills

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, a player will have six categories of abilities to choose from. In these categories there are many abilities and understand each of them – quite a time-consuming task. In this guide we will tell you about all available abilities in the game.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Skills

Combat skills 


This ability allows you to execute an opponent with a filled Might scale. Improves to:

  • Secret Might – +1 to Might with hidden murders.
  • Grim Resolve – +1 to Might for each received damage in combat.
  • Fatal Might – will allow you to get Might much faster after each successful swing with the sword.

Perfect Counter

Melee attacks have a chance of critically striking. Improves to:

  • Fatal Counter – allows you to instantly kill grants.
  • Mighty Reversal – +1 to Might from each counterattack.
  • Rain of Arrows – makes up one elven arrow for each successful counterattack.

Critical Strike

Melee attacks cause additional damage. Improved to

  • Unstoppable – increases the chance of critical strike if the hit counter is above 20.
  • Reprisal – increases the chance of critical attack with low health.
  • Elven precision – Increases the chance of a critical attack when using a blow as your strike.

Ground Finisher

Reduces the amount of time to complete the killings. Improves to:

  • Wraith Shield – forces you to counterattack opponents during when you perform the finishing or exhaustion, which will also drain the opponents knocked down.

Brutal Aggression

Might can be used to activate Creepy executions. They make the enemies scatter in horror. Improves to:

  • Ceaseless Might – abilities that require Might will not deplete this scale completely.

Predator skills

Elven Agility

Gives you a boost to speed when jumping over objects, climbing or landing. Improves to:

  • Spectral Dash – allows you to overcome short distances instantly while running in a concealed position or gives you the ability to run without any noise.


Gives you the ability to perform hidden killings that cause your opponents to scatter in horror, and also gives you a plus to the Might and hit counter. Improves to:

  • Reckless Hate – Increases the number of opponents fleeing in horror.
    Unyielding Ferocity – gives you a bonus to Might and hit counter.

Poison Tendril

Allows you to poison barrels with Grog from afar. Improves to:

  • Contagion – enemies who drank poisoned Grog, enter a state of rage and spread poison among other orcs.
  • Bursting Toxin – grants that drank poisoned Grog, explode and cause damage to their surrounding opponents.

Wraith Chain

Allows you to kill an additional opponent during a hidden murder. Improves to:

  • Shadow Blade – eliminates the costs from the focus for the first opponent in the chain.
  • Monster Hunter – allows you to use a secret murder on monsters.

Deadly Specter

You can use the Bait to leave behind the Ghost, who will kill the incoming target. Improves to:

  • Spirit Drain – your ghost will drain the life forces of the enemy.
  • Terrifying Presence – your ghost will brutally kill the enemy, which, in turn, leads to horror in the ranks of the closest opponents.

Death Threat

Sends a message to a certain captain, notifying him that you will be pushing for his head. Murder of this captain allows you to get high-quality equipment. Improves to:

  • Worse than Death – reduces the level of your target.
  • Vow of Violence – enters a bonus quest for which you will receive an additional reward.

Ranged Skills


Gives you the ability to perform Shadow Strike in fireworks, which explode and set the nearest enemies on fire. Improves to:

  • Spider Song – In the radius of the explosion there are many spiders.
  • Bursting Arrow – allows you to simply shoot at a fireplace, and not to make a Shadow Strike in them.
  • Matron’s Scent – ghouls begin to fill the place of detonation.

Freeze Pin

You can suspend the enemy for a while in one place, if you shoot him in the foot. Improves to:

  • Savage Ice – skill will start working on Olog-hayah and monsters.
  • Deep Freeze – increases the enemy’s delay time on the spot.
  • Brutal Cold – makes the nearest opponents run up in horror.

Bird of Prey

Slows down time while you are in the air. Improves to:

  • Talon Strike – allows you to make a shot on the ground, which disables for the time of the nearest enemies.
  • Eagle Sight – slows the consumption of Focus.

Mighty Shot

You can shoot an explosive arrow if you have the Might scale filled. Improves to:

  • Freeze Blast – causes a freezing blast.
  • Firestorm – causes a fiery explosion.
  • Venom – causes a poisonous explosion.

Wraith Skills

Brace of Daggers

You can make a throw with a knife, which deals damage and disables for the duration of the opponent. Improves to:

  • Serrated Edge – allows you to deal a critical hit.
  • Swift Barrage – allows you to throw three knives in a row.
  • Rain of Blades – allows you to throw five knives in a row, which fall into several opponents.

Elven Light

Releases an explosion that disables and dazzles opponents around if you have a full Might Scale. Improves to:

  • Winter’s Breath – the explosion freezes opponents.
  • Cleansing Blaze – an explosion that ignites opponents.
  • Poison Blast – an explosion poisons opponents.

Ice Storm

This ability freezes opponents, and then a hail of blows is applied to them. Improves to:

  • Frostbite – allows you to deal critical hits.
  • Shower of Ice – freezes enemies in the zone in front of you.
  • Shattering Blow – breaks your target, which causes horror in the ranks of the nearest opponents, after which they scatter.


Allows you to deplete the enemy much faster if you have a full Might scale. Improves to:

  • Lord of Wrath – Depletion increases the scale of Rage.
  • Olog Lord – exhaustion will work against the Ogos.
  • Chain of Souls – allows you to drain additional targets in exchange for Focus.

Treasure Hunter

You automatically lift loot from defeated opponents. Improves to:

  • Mind Breaker – increases the speed of submission.
  • Prospector – increases the chance of getting gems of higher quality from defeated opponents.

Mounted Skills

Caragor Rider

Allows you to dominate and ride in Karagor. Improves to:

  • Bestial Rage – allows you to execute a penalty, with which the additional Caragoras is summoned.
  • Pounce – restores the health of your Caragoras if you secretly absorb the enemy.

Graug Rider

Allows you to dominate and ride on Graug. Improves to:

  • Enduring Fury – your base attacks have a chance to replenish Might.
  • Devouring Force – Graug’s execution restores Graugh’s health.

Call Mount

Allows you to summon the enslaved Caragoras. Improves to:

  • Graug Call – allows you to call Graug.
  • Dragon Song – allows you to summon the Dragon.
  • Dire Caragor – allows you to summon the terrible Karagor.

Shadow Mount

Allows you to instantly saddle Karagor, Graug or Dragon with the help of Shadow Strike. Improves to:

  • Packmaster – when using a rider from the shadow of Karagor, you also dominate the nearby Karagory.
  • Caragor Breaker – allows you to apply the rider from the shadows on unbroken Karagoras.

Dragon Rider

Allows you to fly on a broken Dragon. Improves to:

  • Scales of iron – improves the resilience of your Dragon.
  • Soaring Rage – allows your Dragon to fire a fireball without having a full Might scale.
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