Middle-earth Shadow of War Guide: useful tips for beginners

Although Middle-earth: Shadow of War and may seem like a fairly simple action in the open world, but in its depths there are many more subtleties, factors and game elements that you somehow have to deal with. So why not pre-prepare and make your gaming experience in Middle-earth: Shadow of War as smooth as possible? It is in this guide that we share with you a few tips that will help you to plunge deeper into the cruel world of Middle-earth.


Useful tips for beginners in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Be on guard!

As soon as you start playing Middle-earth: Shadow of War, then you might immediately think that Taleon, the protagonist of this game, is just God on the battlefield and absolutely nothing threatens you. Just press one or two buttons and before you lie the whole legion of orcs.

Well, at first, it may be so, but over time the game will become more complicated and complicated. At some point you will understand that Taleon is not such an invincible warrior – he can also be put on his shoulder blades.

Keep an eye on your surroundings on the battlefield! At first, one blow was missed – not terrible. Then the second, third, fourth, and then you look at the amount of remaining health and you want to cry, because it comes to understand that this huge heap of orcs you just can not win.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you do not ignore such two mechanics in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, like parrying and dodging. Perhaps the weak or initial orcs can be defeated simply by stopping with a sword, but eventually they will be stronger: they will start wearing armor, they will have special skills, they can not be so easy to finish off and the like.

If you learn how to attack, parry and evade in time, the Talion under your control will indeed become unbeatable. Believe me, the game only seems easy, but it somehow shows you its real face.

Explore the world and be rewarded

If you played the previous part of this franchise, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, then you know that the open world in the game is simply incredibly huge and filled with a lot of gameplay elements. So, an open world in Middle-earth: Shadow of War has become much more and the content in it has increased by an order of magnitude.

We recommend that you do not try to go through the story campaign as quickly as possible and forget the game. The most juice Middle-earth: Shadow of War is just the same in the open world and your interaction with it. Study the open world of the game carefully and you will be generously rewarded.

Play with the famous and updated Nemesis system. This time, you will deal not only with the Dark Lord’s army, but with other Orc tribes, which definitely will not let you get bored. All orcs are different: weaknesses and advantages, charismatic appearance and voice acting, unique abilities.

Recover those who, in your opinion, deserve a place in your army and get rid of unnecessary trash! In addition, the game has also been added to the incredible scale of the battle, involving the capture of fortresses, which will provide you with content for many tens of hours.

Also, do not forget about a huge pile of collectibles scattered over a truly vast world. Do you like to play games one hundred percent? Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will definitely appeal to you. In general, the world of Middle-earth: Shadow of War is rich in entertainment, so do not chase only the plot, as the game can provide you with much more than a few hours of gameplay.

Know your own strength

Sometimes, I want to rush to the embrasure from the first hours of the game. Go, get into a fight with some Leader and try to overcome him. However, without some practice for a certain time, it is unlikely that you will get it. The game is designed in such a way that you begin to conquer the various orc armies, starting with the lowest captains.

If you try to immediately attack the Leader, not having prepared properly and not having typed order of experience, then you are certain to expect defeat. Even if you are a strong player by yourself and can overcome high-level opponents – it will take you a lot of time and, perhaps, nerves.

Do not rush to conquer or destroy all the big cones from the very beginning. Gradually, step by step, subordinate or kill the captains in the army, then, getting to the top, destroy the bodyguards of the big boss. Think about each step, plan your actions carefully and even the strongest Orc leaders in Middle-earth: Shadow of War can fall to your feet.

Customize your interface

If you played the previous part of the franchise, then remember that in the interface settings you could safely disable multiple options, because the interface in the game, according to some percentage of players, was unnecessarily overloaded with information.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, in this aspect, little has changed and the game interface contains a huge amount of various information that provides you with support during the game process. However, what if there is too much support?

We recommend you go to the settings of the interface Middle-earth: Shadow of War and customize it according to your preferences. Also, in the interface settings, you can find the options that are responsible for hints about the attacks of opponents on you. And, at once two prompts: flash and a badge. Who needs so many hints about the danger, right? If you are interfered with by one of them, then quietly disable the unnecessary function.

Among other things, you can disable hints about the approaching danger altogether, which will undoubtedly complicate the game many times, but for hardcore fans this feature will become a pleasant news. Imagine: around 30 orcs, some of them swing to strike at you and no clues.

Treasure hunter

You will fight with huge crowds of orcs – these are the advantages of modern technology. Some orcs will occasionally drop all kinds of useful items: armor, weapons and stones, with which all this can be modified. However, in the heat of battle all these little things are difficult to pick up, and sometimes – simply forget about them, because you had to take your legs off so as not to become a victim of some freak.

What to do if you do not want to throw loot among the crowd of furious orcs? Here to you on a gain there is a special skill under the name “the Hunter behind treasures”. If you get it, then you do not even have to press anything – everything will automatically be selected. We found Taleon’s model on the fallen thing and it is already stored in your inventory.

A pretty useful skill, but it has one nuance: you will need to fully open the Ghost branch. Yes, not everyone will take such a step, since the branches in Middle-earth: Shadow of War are as many as five pieces: Combat, Predator, Ranged, Ghost and Rider. Plus, some skills are opened through the passage of the plot. However, if you constantly lose falling out of the orcs loot, then you should seriously think about the full pumping of the Ghost branch, in order to gain access to the treasured skill “Treasure Hunter”.

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