Nikke Goddess of Victory Codes for April 2023

Take control of a platoon of attractive android girls and reclaim Earth from alien invaders in Nikke Goddess of Victory! Dynamic firefights with amazing “physics”, micromanagement of your own squad, and a bunch of different gacha mechanics – what more could you want? That’s right, the game has a microtransactions, but the developers occasionally offer promo codes for gems, vouchers, and other rewards to their playerbase.

  • NIKKESAKURA→100gems
  • SAKURA04TH23NK→100gems
  • PINKPETALS→100gems
  • NK02V14DG→100gems
  • Cocoalayankobuhaymo→100gems
  • gawkgawk3000→100gems
  • nikke777→100gems
  • NIKKE→free rewards
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN→free rewards
  • NIKKEGIFT→free rewards
  • BEMYCOMMANDER→recruit voucher
  • NIKEENEWYEAR→100gems
  • NIKKEKR→300gems
  • Nikke2023→100gems
  • NIKKEXMAS→100gems
  • HA17X5DU→100gems
  • NIKKEGame8Vtuber→100gems
  • NIKKEFORYOU→2H credit box
  • NIKKE→100gems
  • NIKKE1104→2H credit box
  • NIKKE47CAMPAIGN→150gems
  • BEMYCOMMANDER→recruit voucher
  • NIKKENO1→100gems

Enjoy free April rewards at Nikke Goddess of Victory!

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