Release date of Dark Sector 2

Today I will be talking about a rather unusual topic – the release date of Dark Sector 2. Released in 2008, the original Dark Sector from Digital Extremes managed to attract the attention of the public rather dark and alluring concept. It would seem, a sort of another story about the raging virus, but there it was. What if the virus would give unique abilities? What if the virus could improve the media? What if the virus is allowed to evolve?

This idea could attract a lot of players. In Dark Sector you play as Hayden Tenno, a member of the Special Forces of the US Army, who is on a mission to eliminate a CIA agent Mezner in the country under the name of Lesia. Earlier in the country, an outbreak of a dangerous virus “Technocyte”, which infected was covered with metal and got special abilities, but he was able to put down. In Larsie again raised hearth “Technocyte” the fault of Mezner and you are instructed to remove it. But it was not there and have infected…

It was indeed quite tempting, but its performance is very pumped up. Dark Sector is a Gears of War clone, but, of course, not without their chips. For example, the main character at the end of the game got different abilities, ie evolved. He can become invisible, activate the protective barrier etc. But the main feature of the game is the Glaive – throwing weapons, which the player can control in flight. Also Hayden, over time, begins to be covered with metal.

Chips chips, but it was not enough. Dark Sector borrows quite a lot from Gears of War and has a very weak plot. His fans found a game, but this is the most mediocre project for a couple of three evenings, about which you will forget after. By the way, the concept of Dark Sector was significantly different and the game was originally supposed to happen in the vastness of space. That’s actually the trailer for this concept:

However, at some point, Digital Extremes has decided to do something that eventually came out. Who knows, maybe if they followed the old concept of Dark Sector, it was already known the release date of Dark Sector 2.

But do not think that “space” concept went nowhere. In 2013 started a project called Warframe, which has absorbed all these ideas. Technically, Warframe can be called Dark Sector 2. This project is fritupleynogo multiplayer game.

You probably think that some fritupley is not worthy of your time, but you are seriously mistaken. Warframe is truly a unique project not previously seen gameplay features. In this game mixed so many genres that you never imagine can: slasher, shooter, puzzle, craft, etc. Also, there are obscenely huge lists of weapons, characters and items. And most importantly – it has adequate gaming community. Masters always help you to understand the basics of the game, and maybe even take you to your clan.

“But there is in fact a donut!” It is, but you can quite easily play without it. All game items you can get yourself. So if you haven’t played Warframe, you can safely go on Steam or the official game website and download it from there.

This is what we started talking about Warframe at its core, this project is Dark Sector 2. Many gameplay elements, art design and ideas taken from the released Dark Sector and “space” concept(actually it is). We can hardly expect from Digital Extremes this announcement as the release date of Dark Sector 2, because it’s already out is Warframe.

Perhaps one day the developers will want to release a sequel to the game of 2008, but very doubtful. Digital Extremes without stopping continue to improve your online project in 2013. Game during that time has changed beyond recognition. Believe me, once you start to play in Warframe, you get pulled in a very long time.

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