Release date of Dead Space 4

The first part of Dead Space was released in 2008 and was able to conquer all fans of horror movies. This game is from Visceral Games was a breath of fresh air in the genre of horror and gave the players an unforgettable experience. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer trying to get out alive from a space ship called Ishimura, which is inhabited by creepy creatures – necromorphs.

This project was obviously inspired by all sorts of horror movies, but if you look closely, you will see the influence of such films as “Something”, the monsters who look like monsters, “Aliens”, with its exciting and terrifying walks through the empty spacecraft.

Gameplay of Dead Space itself is world-horror game where you must navigate a huge ship trying to escape from it. Also, the game has a fairly simple leveling system, in some way, and a cool damage system for monsters. The latter is quite hard to kill with a head shot and so you have to shoot the limbs that are present.

Of course, that such a hit had to be continued and thanks to him we can say on this topic as the release date of Dead Space 4. The original part in the end there were two sequels: Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.

The second part, released in early 2011, the result was the best in the series. It still remained the consummate horror, and was much improved gameplay. Now the game does not seem to be “sandwiched” and you could move around not so painful. The second part takes you on a huge space station, which, like the ship in the first part, is gradually starting to have flooded with necromorphs.

(About the story of the trilogy will be told the minimum, since nobody likes spoilers)

Then came Dead Space 3, which is not so much liked by some players. What is the reason? Well, all the horror that was present in the previous parts, were simply superseded by action component. Although the game mechanics saved crafting your own weapons, which literally pulls the whole Dead Space 3 for yourself, no kidding. Unfortunately, Dead Space 3 has not reached the desired Visceral Games sales and so it can be considered a failure.

Nevertheless, even Dead Space 3 like the players and the continuation of the series is necessary, despite its low sales. So what do you know about the continue? Was there some announcement or announced release date of Dead Space 4?

At the moment not quite clear what will happen with the continuation of the series. It is not cancelled, but not announced. In an interview with Steve Papoutsis said that a great many people at Visceral Games wish to engage in the continuation of the series Dead Space. Currently, however, the Studio must be occupied by a new game in the Star wars universe, which should be out somewhere in 2018.

So information such as release date Dead Space 4 can be expected after about 2018.

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