Release date Dishonored 3

The first part of the Dishonored came out in October 2012 and became a hit for all fans of stealth action games. If you hold some similarities, Dishonored can be called the successor to the game series Thief. But don’t think that Dishonored borrows fully all the components of the “thief” games in which the main hero is Garrett, a noble thief. No, in fact, Dishonored was just inspired by some ideas from Thief, but nothing more.

In contrast to the same Thief, Dishonored is a much more action-oriented game. There were skirmishes, fights with swords, stealth, a variety of weapons and abilities, and more. Dishonored has something like a good hodgepodge of different elements, which are very skillfully combined. About the game’s story telling is probably not worth it, since it is quite deserve for your independent review.

In General, if you haven’t played Dishonored(for some unknown reason), we suggest that urgent to see the project.

Naturally, after such a successful game, which has gained positive reviews from critics and players must urgently be followed by a sequel. And he followed. In November last year, he released the orange box 2, which also received excellent evaluation from the above people.

I want to mention one thing – the PC version of Dishonored 2 came out very weak in technical terms, what is strange, if you remember is running the first part. Most likely factor was the change of game engine. Previously, the game used the good old Unreal Engine 3, but the second part moved to the Void Engine, the basis of which was id Tech 5(you can remember since the days of Rage). The majority of players performance in the game fell just to catastrophic values. The top cars were given a score below 15 frames per second. And of course a lot of bugs in it, so far without it.

However, such a situation was short-lived and soon the developers have patched most of the flaws of the project with patches. They and the moment continue to do so. This month for she came up with the first global update, which added New game +. Using this mode you will be able again go through the game with all the open abilities, plus you will have the ability of the second character. Total, you will be able to combine all the skills available in Dishonored 2.

In General, if to speak simply, Dishonored 2 is a multiple enhanced version of the first part. Also, you are now given the choice between two game characters – Attano Corvo and Emily Goldwyn. Each of them has its own storyline(as if) and their unique abilities, which increases the variability of the game just to incredible heights.

Now that we more or less briefly went over the two parts of the Bastion, let’s discuss this question as a continuation and release date Mafia 3.

Fans of the first part loved Mafia 2, even the PC version with numerous problems. Seeing that the project is an excellent ground for sequels, fans of the game, of course, began to ask questions about the sequel. Their main questions are: will there be a continuation of the franchise? Who will be the next main character? Is there any reliable release date Mafia 3?

Well, such precise information as the release date of Borderlands 3 yet. However, there is a little bit different. In an interview, Harvey Smith, creative Director of Arkane Studio, shared some of his thoughts about the continuing series of Dishonored. In an interview he said that he is quite tired of this franchise and surprised that Dishonored 2 is normally released. Frankly, he’d like to do something else.

However, if Dishonored 2 is good sales, then maybe we can talk about the new part in the series. At this point, no specific information no and even more no the same as the release date of Borderlands 3.

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