Release date Overlord 3

To access this page you could in two cases: either you have already played Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil, or even no, than congratulations, for you have rescued my soul from the true evil.

For those who still don’t know, Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil is the third game in the series Overlord, unfortunately. To find the same tasteless, ugly, and simply boring the draft will be quite difficult. And it is because of this “misunderstanding”, we are unlikely to with you will soon be hearing the phrase “release date Overlord 3”.

We will not go into the subtleties of this craft. We can say that the game is similar to Diablo is a very bad cooperative for four players. If you don’t believe that the game Overlord can be so bad, just look at the user reviews on Steam and you judge for yourself.

But really, why is the game so terrible? It did quite the party people? No. Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil made by the same developers as the two previous games – Codemasters. So what’s the deal?

Well, one day before the release of the Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil, Codemasters stated that they wanted to change the course of the game. Change is, of course, not always bad things, especially in the gaming industry. Sometimes they are going to benefit the franchise, and sometimes not. Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil definitely fall into the second category.

So how about some information about the next game? Release date Overlord 3 or maybe some announcement about the development? Sorry, nothing yet. And not surprising, because the Overlord: the Fellowship of Evil was released just a little over a year ago.

One can only hope that the franchise will survive this blow and a game Master will still work. Maybe in a year or two, you will hear some information about a new project.

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