Release date PayDay 3

A series of games PayDay can be called one of the best cooperative games. To put together his own gang of friends as you should be armed with a variety of guns, wearing cool masks and go Rob a Bank. Romance, what can I say. However, warn “that” other before the robbery, so he started to shoot all life around as soon as I go to the Bank.

The original PayDay was released in November 2011 and won the hearts of all lovers of the subject robberies. Co-op up to 4 people, just a lot of opportunities for customization and a lot of ways of passing the same robbery – all PayDay.

Of course, that such a great game, a sequel in the form of PayDay 2. This sequel works on a very simple, but, nevertheless, the most effective system to make the previous draft massive, diverse and not to forget to correct the mistakes of the previous game. So are most sequels to video games, no drastic change of concept, only improve it.

I want to note a rather strong support for the project by the developers of PayDay 2 in just a huge number of additions to the game that spawned a huge array of jokes among the gaming community.

Of course, that such a fruitful basis must originate from a series of games about robberies. And yet, Yes, PayDay 3 was announced in mid-2016. As it became known, Starbreeze managed to take the franchise out of the hands of 505 Games. And as soon as the developers managed to pull it off, they immediately announced the third part PayDay. So work on PayDay 3 is in full swing for six months. What about information such as release date PayDay 3?

Unfortunately, such information at the moment just yet. But when you consider that the game is being developed, the expected information such as release date PayDay 3, is expected in the next year and a half.

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