Release date Prototype 3

Information such as release date of Prototype 3, excites the minds of players since 2012. The game Prototype has always been considered the most crazy in game development. So what was the first Prototype?

Prototype was released in 2009 and became a sensation. This game is an action game in an open world where you can…to run through the buildings! This statement by Radical Entertainment and caused many players to the draft.

Prototype is quite interesting “phenomenon”. You start the game as Alex Mercer, always gloomy guy who suddenly wakes up on the autopsy table. Successfully escaping, he realizes that he gained incredible abilities: able to jump at huge distances, to literally run on walls, turn your body into a weapon of mass destruction and more.

You can fly into a crowd of people and break them with your hands or to grab a moving car and throw it in by flying military helicopter. In General, diversity is lacking. And this is the strength of the Prototype. But that is a weakness, so is the plot. A fairly typical story about the outbreak of an unknown virus, from which the light began to appear different monsters(the same virus infected Alex).

Nevertheless, the presence of juicy gameplay, the game gained millions of fans. Naturally, the game had to continue. And she got it in the face of Prototype 2. About the second part, there is little to tell. In fact, this is the same first part, but only polished in the right places, with improved graphics, slightly improved gameplay and a new protagonist – James Heller. No, there is one feature of Prototype 2 – it was the reason that Radical Entertainment went bankrupt, as the game are unable to Finance themselves. And she has the most stereotypical main protagonist in gaming history – typical, always swearing, a black marine.

After the bankruptcy of Radical Entertainment many fans were in despair because they thought that the franchise sink into oblivion and Prototype series ended and such words as “release date Prototype 3”, they’ll never see again. But there it was. The rights to the franchise are still in the hands of Activision.

Moreover, in 2012, it was announced that the continuation of the Prototype 3 just meant to be, as expressed Activision itself. As they told, the game will run on a new engine that will provide the best transportation around the city, as well as addition of improved degradability.

Also in the sequel will be a new character(hopefully less stereotypical). The events of Prototype 3 will unfold in some densely populated city, where there was a new outbreak of the virus. Event “Troika” will be a logical continuation of the previous two games.

Previously, the release date of Prototype 3, was supposed to be known already by 2014, because Activision wanted to release the third part of the meat of the action already current generation consoles, i.e. Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, it’s already 2017, and no information about Prototype 3, and especially of such information, the release date of Prototype 3, simply no. Fans are waiting all this time and I hope that Activision lied and now they are busy developing new parts. It is possible that soon we will hear new details of mass effect 3.

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