Release date Sleeping Dogs 2

All fans of the theme of the Triads in the middle of 2012 we waited for a interesting gift – the light appeared Sleeping Dogs, the project from the Studio United Front Games and publisher Square Enix. The plot of the game tells the story of a police undercover, Wei Shen, who tries to ingratiate himself with the sun-he-Yi, the Hong Kong triad, and to destroy it from within. Quite an interesting and unique story will not let you go until the very end, you can count on it.

Gameplay, Sleeping Dogs is pretty much similar to gta-like games, but not without their own chips. For example, in the gameplay, a large emphasis was put on melee. Or because the action took place in Hong Kong, and the traffic there was exactly the same – left hand. Also, the game has a kind of leveling, which is divided into two branches: the gangster and the police.

Frankly, Sleeping Dogs was a pretty good draft, but the stars in the sky are not enough and there is nothing revolutionary in the genre of open world games to no avail. Actually, the game found its audience and sunk into the soul of many players. Naturally, they would want to continue and know when we have a release date Sleeping Dogs 2.

So, the release date of Sleeping Dogs 2. Well, I do not want to act rashly, but still – Sleeping Dogs 2 hardly ever come, and if it will be released very, very soon. The thing is that the developer of the original game, United Front Games, fell apart. This team already had the outline for the second part of “Sleeping dogs” and they were incredibly ambitious and grandiose.

The full bundle of documents we will not be considered, but let’s look at the highlights of the cancelled Sleeping Dogs 2:

  • The second Sleeping Dogs, you were given the choice between two characters: Wei Shen and Henry Fung.
  • Story missions are divided into these two characters. To find out what happened in the missions, another character could find out at the end of the game.
  • In Sleeping Dogs 2 was to be truly living city that has shaped the community of players. Where you have seen this?
  • The game was supposed to be the generation of jobs, which was made from a large number of variables. Were generated as a single job, and the cooperative(yeah, there still co-op was supposed to be).

So now you can dream about this announcement as the “release date Sleeping Dogs 2”. If the game came out, it would be by far the sensation. However, Square Enix decided to do otherwise and cancelled the project. Who knows for what reasons. Maybe they didn’t want a project of this size developed such a small and inexperienced Studio. Instead of developing Sleeping Dogs 2, they sent guys to work on Triad Wars – fritupleynyh spinoffom in the universe Sleeping Dogs. Then just the team broke up and they can understand.

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