Resident Evil 7 – lockups, errors and other problems – the solution

Release Resident Evil 7 was released on PC, and since PC doesn’t have a common configuration, and the personal machine of all the users largely differ from each other, it is likely that you will encounter any problem.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you a list of known bugs and problems in the Resident Evil 7, as well as how to resolve them, if any.

It is impossible to start the stream Resident Evil 7 on PS4

Some players have encountered a problem when I couldn’t be running stream. The attempt usually ends with the message application error.

Unfortunately, it seems the problem is that the servers are under stress. Fortunately, there is a workaround. What you need to do is to record their gameplay using the Share function. Then open the app and import your SHAREFactory video.

If you don’t want tinkering, then just wait when Capcom will fix the error.

Resident Evil 7 won’t start on Windows 10

Although among the official system requirements listed Windows 10, some players have reported that Resident Evil 7 will not run on Win10, provided that the game purchased in the Windows Store.

First, verify that all operating system updates. If installing the updates and then rebooting did not solve the problem, the case in the DRM-servers. The only thing that remains is to wait until the problems solve in Microsoft.

Problems launching the Steam version of Resident Evil 7

Some players report that when they run the downloaded Steam version of Resident Evil 7 appears and the “start” but nothing happens. There are several issues that can cause this.

  1. First, try to do the following.

    In the Steam library, find Resident Evil 7, click the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
    Go to the tab “Local files” and then click “View local files”.
    In this folder should be located re7.exe
    Double-click the executable file and try to run Resident Evil 7 so.

    If Steam reports about some missing dll, you probably missed one of the Windows updates. This is most likely one of the versions of Visual Studio C++. Find and download here.

  2. You can also find the necessary library in the folder Resident Evil 7:

    – In the Steam library, find Resident Evil 7, click the right mouse button and select “Properties”.
    – Go to the tab “Local files” and then click “View local files”.
    Find the folder “_CommonRedist” and install content.

    If you don’t get any messages, and Resident Evil 7 just crashes after launch, you can try one trick.

  3. Right-click the mouse on the executable file in the folder (above shows how to find the game folder and the executable file) and try to run it as administrator. If this does not work, try clicking with the right mouse button on the executable file and go to properties. Go to the tab “compatibility”and check “run this program as administrator” then click apply and OK. Try again.

Resident Evil 7 frieze on the PC

Some PC players are experiencing problems with freezes – the game pauses (freezes), and then continues. It is usually before some event, for example the attack of the Jack is accompanied by such friezes.

The only thing that can help is disabling the cache of the shadows, but it’s not a 100% method. Otherwise, you can only wait for Capcom to solve the problem.

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