How to restore deleted games on PC?

Sometimes, we can be careless and accidentally remove something from our personal computer. It is especially bad, when you deleted a game, that you have been playing for a long time. It would seem that if something has been removed, it is lost with ends.

However, in this article we will consider how to restore accidentally deleted games and continue to play. Of course, we do not guarantee that the methods described below will help you to return the lost treasure to your computer, but you should always try.


How can I restore a deleted game on my PC?

Method #1 Recover deleted files from Recycle Bin

So, you accidentally deleted the game and now try to understand how to restore it. The success of your intentions depends on how you deleted the game. Let’s say you just accidentally deleted the folder with the game itself, after which it hit the Recycle Bin.

If you did this, then you have nothing to worry about, since it is a trifling matter to restore a deleted folder. Open your Recycle Bin on the desktop and find the right folder with the game. Right-click on this folder and select “Restore”.

After doing such simple steps, you will return deleted game files. However, if you used permanent deletion (CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE), then this way to restore the files you definitely will not help.

Method #2 Reinstall the game

Yes, not the best advice, but reinstalling the game is a one of the ways of restoration. If you still have the installer on the computer, then, most likely, it will be easier to simply reinstall it again. Especially if the game is small.

Method # 3 Using third-party tools

Now, lets talk about something really vague. What if you accidentally deleted the game? Well, if none of the methods on the top have not helped you, then you can try to use a third-party software.

In the Internet, you can find a bunch of programs that in theory can try to restore deleted files on your computer. A clear example of such a program will be R-Studio or Recuva, which has extremely high popularity among both ordinary users and professionals. Download any of these programs and try to use them to restore the deleted game.

Restoring a remote game on Steam

Let’s now talk about what to do if you accidentally deleted the game in Steam. In this case, you can conduct a process of checking the integrity of the game files. To do this, do the following:

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to the games library.
  • Find the game, the files of which you previously deleted by mistake.
  • Right-click on it and select «Properties».
  • Go to the «Local Files» tab and click on «Check the integrity of game files …»
  • If you “managed” to remove the game in Steam from the library itself, then you just need to download it again.

Tips for the future

So, if you answered the question “what to do if I accidentally deleted a game?” with the help of the above methods, then this is just fine and you can only be congratulated. However, deleted files are extremely difficult to restore, and sometimes even impossible under certain circumstances.

In this regard, we want to give you an advice: if you are worried about some games on your PC, then you can use backup services, archiving or creating an image of the system.

A backup copy of the game, which can also be performed on Steam, will allow you to instantly restore the game if something happens to it. Archiving can also help to restore deleted files. The system image is a more cardinal solution to the situation, since it will restore not only the lost files, but the whole system. So, we hope that this material has explained to you how to return a deleted game.

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