What to do if Star Wars Battlefront II does not download

Some players are faced with the fact that after purchasing the game Star Wars Battlefront II in Origin, they simply can not download it. That is, loading stays at zero. Initially, of course, check the quality of the internet connectiont and the available disk space, because it may not download for some of these reasons. If the Internet and the free space are all right, then the way out for you is to change the settings of your system to high performance.

That’s how to do this:

  • Go to the settings panel of your video card
  • In the performance graph, set “High”
  • Apply the changes

If you are playing on the laptop:

  • Right-click the battery icon in the tray
  • Go to “Power”
  • Set “High performance”
  • Apply the changes

After this simple sequence of actions your download should move on. We hope that the article was useful for you.

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