Valheim Cheats: All Codes, Console Commands and How to Use Them

Valheim cheats can provide players with almost limitless space to personalize the gameplay. From trivial immortality and killing all enemies to resetting the progress of the game map and changing the wind direction, the Iron Gate project is amazing, especially when you remember that its only one (!) gigabyte.


How to Use Valheim Cheats

To activate Valheim cheats, the first thing the player must do is open the in-game console in front of him. It is important to remember that the cheats work only in single player mode, and they can not be activated in multiplayer.

To activate Valheim cheats, you need to do the following:

  • open the Properties of the game in Steam;
  • go to the General tab;
  • type -console in the startup options;
  • start Valheim and enter the world;
  • press the F5 key on your keyboard;
  • type devcommands to activate the cheats;
  • Use the following cheats at your own pleasure!

Full List of Valheim Cheats

Character cheats

  • god – activates immortality mode, the character no longer takes damage from enemies and bosses.
  • ghost – activates invisibility mode, enemies and bosses no longer see the character.
  • heal – your character’s health is fully restored.
  • puke – your character’s hunger, health and stamina parameters are completely reset.
  • pos – save your character’s current location in the open world.
  • hair – the character will lose all the hair on his head.
  • beard – the character will lose all facial hair.
  • model [0/1] – switch the character’s physique from male to female.
  • reset character – reset all parameters of the character.
  • raise skill [amount] – raises the character’s skill level.
  • reset skill [skill name] – resets the character’s skill completely.

Cheats for gameplay

  • freefly – activation of free photo mode.
  • ffsmooth – activation of antialiasing for free photo mode.
  • location – select a location for the character’s spawn.
  • goto [x,z] – teleportation of the character to the specified location (via coordinates).
  • exploremap – explore the whole available map.
  • resetmap – reset the map exploration progress.
  • tod [0-1] – set the time of day. With 0 and 1 you will get midnight, with 0.5 you will get noon.
  • tod -1 – reset the time of day to the default values.
  • skiptime [NUMBER OF SECONDS] – rewind the in-game time forward.
  • wind [ANGLE 0-360] [INTENSITY 0-1] – set the wind direction and intensity.
  • resetwind – completely resets wind direction and intensity values.
  • sleep – skip one in-game day.
  • removedrops – remove all loot from the location where the character is.
  • players [NUMBER OF PLAYERS] – set the difficulty level depending on the number of players (0 = RESET).
  • tame – automatically tame nearby animals if they are the appropriate type.
  • killall – kill all nearby enemies.
  • event [EVENT NAME] – start event execution.
  • stopevent – stop execution of the current event.
  • setkey [KEY NAME] – set a new global key.
  • resetkeys [KEY NAME] – reset a particular key.
  • listkeys – displays a list of all global keys.
  • env [LOCATION NAME] – set the location for debug mode.
  • resetenv – reset locations for debug mode.
  • dpsdebug – enable/disable OVS (damage-per-second) overlay for debug mode.
  • debugmode – activate debug mode:
    • press Z key to activate flight mode;
    • press K to kill all nearby enemies.
    • press the B key to fully restore any items without the workbench, plus it allows you to change the location of items.

Cheats for items and spawns

To spawn an object or boss, you have to use the cheat code spawn [PREAMENT] [QUANTITY] [LEVEL]. It is important to remember that the activation of such cheats can cause various in-game bugs and errors, so use them at your own risk. In addition, if you use this cheat to summon the mysterious dwarf merchant, his location in the game will no longer be randomized: the NPC forever remains in the spawned location.

Console commands

Valheim console commands are often used by server owners. Consider the most useful of them:

  • help – to display a complete list of commands.
    info – displays information about the system.
    save – forced saving of the game world.
    ping – displays the ping of the player or the stability of the connection.
    kick [USER NAME/IP/ID] – kick a specific player from the server.
    ban [USER NAME/IP/ID] – kick a specific player on the server.
    unban [USER NAME/IP/ID] – unban a previously banned player.
    banned – display the list of players banned on the server.
    lodbias [0-5] – set a specific range of display details (LOD) on the server.

Have fun with cheats and commands in Valheim! Once again, we remind you that they only work in single player mode!

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