World of Tanks Blitz Known Issues Patch 2.11

With the introduction of the Update 2.11 you might face a few technical issues.

We would like you to know, that Happy Players is a key for us. As such, to help you out, we decided to compile a list of possible issues related to this patch as well as their potential solutions.

Furthermore, you will find indicated the current solution progress of these solutions.


Current Issues

Unable to buy a garage slot for credits

Clan Supplies: level 6 and level 8 provide the option to get a garage slot for credits instead of gold.

For some players however, this option is not working.

We are aware of this issue and Development is working to find a fix as soon as possible. Once the problem is resolved, you will be able to purchase the slot for credits.

This reward has no time restriction.

Range Finder and Reload Timer

On mobiles and Tablets, this option needs to be activated in the Game Settings.

IS-6 and KV-5 – converting Tank Experience into Free Experience

These tanks now have an extra module that needs to be researched before you can convert any tank experience.

Keyboard blocking what you write in game

This issue has been looked into and we are currently investigating this situation. This is mostly seen in Samsung devices.

Tank stops moving when you send a message in game

We are aware of this issue and working to resolve this as fast as we can.

Windows 10 players unable to use a password in the Training Rooms

Issue is been investigated. You are still able to create a room without a password.

Sudden FPS drops on powerful devices

We are aware of this problem, and our Engine Developers are looking for a way to reproduce it. However, this issue is quite uncommon, so it may take a while to find a solution. Lowering the graphics can help stop this issue from occurring,

Unable to login due to a connection issue using a Mobile Network (1)

We are continuing to look into this issue. Disabling 4G and only connecting with 3G has solved this issue for some Mobile Networks.

Unable to log in Due to a server not available. (2)

We are aware of this problem, and our Developers are looking into why on Mobile networks some networks are unable to connect to our server.

Meanwhile a solution is found, you may use a Wi-Fi connection. However, please try to avoid public Wi-Fi.

Unable to login due to a DNS issue or should the other two solutions not work. (1) && (2)

Should the two solutions above not solve the issue, we have a workaround to allow you to enter the battlefield while we investigate this issue:

  1. Turn off all internet and mobile network connections.
  2. Enter the Game and await for the “login error”.
  3. Click try again.
  4. Turn on internet and load into the game.

This needs to be done each time you log into World of Tanks Blitz.

My issue is not listed

Should you face any other issue not mentioned in the previous list, please submit a ticket.

Please add on your ticket the following information:

  1. Name of your device and operating system version.
    • If you play on your Personal Computer, please attach a DxDiag report.
  2. Description of the problem and the steps to reproduce it.
  3. What were you doing on your device before the problem occurred?

After we gather this information, should the issue occur on our side, we will report the issue to Development for further analysis.

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