World of Tanks: Team Kill – Allied damage

Damage or destruction of allied vehicles is frowned upon. All allied damage is tracked and automatically registered on the Offending account.

When an Offending account reach the TK threshold, the nickname turns Blue. Further allied damage leads to account suspension. Excessive friendly damage may lead to a direct account suspension.

Recidivism is also considered and the more an account breaks the rules, the longer the suspension.


Allied damage is tracked on:

  • The amount of damage caused.
  • The frequency of allied damage attempts, over a given period of time.

You can damage or destroy Blue vehicles (TK mark). However, the battle kill counter will still decrease.

I damaged or destroyed an ally by accident

We strongly encourage all players to be aware of their surroundings.

Although sporadic incidents may not incur with a suspension, pushing the boundaries will eventually trigger an account suspension.

Customer Service will NOT assist with Penalty Appeals on Allied damage (TeamKill).

I was damaged or destroyed by an ally

Should an ally destroy or damage your vehicle, the Team Kill tracking system will register the incident.

Considering the TK status of the offender’s account, the appropriate measures will be taken. At a times, this also means that the offender won’t turn Blue (TK threshold not reached) or no suspension will be applied.

However, we would like to remind you that all allied damage is registered.

Customer Service will NOT assist with Allied damage (TeamKill) reports.


The following scenarios are not classified as allied damage:

  • Vehicle self-destruction.
  • Damaging or destroying a Blue vehicle.
  • Friendly fire in the Training Room (only).

TK System exploitation:

  • Purposefully exploiting the Allied damage mechanics is frowned upon. E.j: Gun barrel collision for self damage/destruction.

    Should an ally damage or destroy your ve

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