The High Five – Dishonored 2 Super Plays (Volume 2)


A few weeks back, we invited you to share your Dishonored 2 Super Play videos, and today we’re excited to show off some of our recent favorites. This time around, we’ve highlighted Super Plays by four extraordinarily talented players: Hasnotalent, Masked Felon, Mori Koswell and StealthGamerBR. Their videos are a perfect depiction of how a high level of skill and knowledge of Dishonored’s systemic gameplay can truly make you feel like a supernatural assassin.


Hasnotalent demonstrates how his username couldn’t be more wrong. Playing the New Game Plus mode, he confronts Breanna Ashworth as Emily Kaldwin.


Playing as Emily, Masked Felon goes on a High Chaos rampage through Mission 2 – Edge of the World.


Watch StealthGamerBR’s high intensity playthrough of The Good Doctor as Emily Kaldwin.

Masked Felon

Masked Felon returns – this time as Corvo – to conquer Edge of the World in High Chaos.

Mori Koswell

Mori Koswell has a three-part series of “Epic Kills.” We’ve chosen to highlight the finale, but you should definitely check out parts one and two.

To all four creators: We’re truly in awe of your skills. To everyone else: We’d love to see your best videos! To share your Super Plays, tweet @Dishonored with the hashtag #DishonoredSuperPlays.

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