How to Fix 0x00000003 Error in PUBG?

When I start PUBG I get an error 0x00000003, and am told that the game’s security program is out of date. After about 10 seconds, PUBG closes by itself. What kind of issue is this? Nothing like this has ever happened before. Checked the game files in Steam, and even reinstalling PUBG completely, but nothing helped.


0x00000003 Error in PUBG is caused by a problem with the game’s security program. Fortunately, the error will be solved very, very easily:

  • press WIN+R;
  • type %commonprogramfiles%\pubg in the empty line and press ENTER;
  • run uninstaller.exe and wait until the security program is removed.

Run PUBG again and check for error 0x00000003.

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