How to Fix DayZ Error 0x00040008?

Error 0x00040008 appears when I try to boot into the server in DayZ. It says that my ping is too high. Allegedly it should be below 300ms and I have it a little bit higher. Tried to find some info on the net, but the code is almost nowhere to be found. Did anyone else face the same problem with DayZ?


Error 0x00040008 in DayZ means that there is a maximum ping limit on the server the player is trying to connect to. If the player’s ping exceeds this limit, he is not allowed to log in to the server.

Here’s what can help:

  • restart the router;
  • switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cable;
  • close the programs that use the network connection;
  • switch to a different server.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways to reduce your ping and get rid of error 0x00040008.

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