How to Fix OneDrive 0x8004de44 Error?

I’m trying to log into OneDrive, but keep getting error 0x8004de44. It says to try again a little later. I must have waited for two hours, but I still can’t get log in. I have a Windows 10 on my PC. Any thoughts? How to get rid of the error?


Error 0x8004de44 often indicates problems with authentication between OneDrive and your Microsoft account. Try the following:

  • Press WIN+R to bring up Run;
  • type %localappdata%\\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset and press ENTER;
  • go to Settings→Windows Update;
  • click on the Check for updates button;
  • wait until all available updates are installed (PC may reboot).

After that, the error 0x8004de44 should disappear. However, if it is still bugging you, we recommend checking the status of OneDrive servers. It is possible that they are experiencing some technical problems.

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