0x99260000 error code

I tried reinstalling. Removing profile. Trying different networks. Clearing cache. Hard resetting this is still the message i get. I load red dead online… Click free roam… It transitions to loading screen then 5 secs later i get error message can’t connect rockstar games online services please try again later error: 0x99260000

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Still getting error code 0x99260000 when I try to enter the online game on only one profile. The other profiles can access online. I have cleared the cache, deleted saved game data and checked my internet connections and nothing helps. I do not want to lose the money, gold, clothing, ammunition and horses. I have spent money on gold. What do I need to do to get back on my main profile? I assume maybe some file for that profile is corrupted and I have no idea how to delete the character since I cannot enter the online game. I… Read more »