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0x99260000 error code

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I tried reinstalling. Removing profile. Trying different networks. Clearing cache. Hard resetting this is still the message i get. I load red dead online… Click free roam… It transitions to loading screen then 5 secs later i get error message can’t connect rockstar games online services please try again later error: 0x99260000

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  1. Still getting error code 0x99260000 when I try to enter the online game on only one profile. The other profiles can access online. I have cleared the cache, deleted saved game data and checked my internet connections and nothing helps. I do not want to lose the money, gold, clothing, ammunition and horses. I have spent money on gold.

    What do I need to do to get back on my main profile? I assume maybe some file for that profile is corrupted and I have no idea how to delete the character since I cannot enter the online game. I realize this is beta, but surely y’all know of someway to correct my problem.


    Rita Jo AKA kickapoo46

    I was able to elevate a support ticket all the way to a senior Rockstar supervisor. Unfortunately they did not know the cause or remedy.

    Sorry to break the news but if you receive this error your online character is effectively corrupted and gone.

    Same issue tried everything under the sun no luck and I’ve been dealing with this for a month now

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