How to Fix 214332210 (File System Error) in Minecraft?

Guys, I wanted to play Minecraft, but the 2143322101 error popped up. I have not had the game on my PC for a long time (reinstalled Windows), So, installed the game, Java, but when I run it, there is this code. It says that this is a file system error.


One Reddit user apparently found an effective solution to the 2143322101 error when starting/installing Minecraft. Download the game’s launcher from the official Xbox website and then immediately uninstall it.

This way you will get rid of the folder “Microsoft.4297127D64EC6_1.0.92.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe”. After that, run the Minecraft installer as usual. Now the game should start normally – the 2143322101 error will disappear.

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