36 days, errors still unable to connect at over 400Mbps Up n Down PS4

so, its been exactly 36 days since ive upgraded my internet to a 1G fiber connection…. Running 500 up 400 down Mbps at any given time… the only thing is since Ive upgraded internet.. Ive NOT been able to connect to the game(except for 5 or 6 times for less then a minute long each) the  revolver wheel gets to 100% and i get these two errors.
First it says ive been disconnected from rockstar servers and then the second saying im un able to connect to rockstar servers… so which is it? its impossible to be both. first error is 0x20010006 second is 0x99350000.

 ive spoke to support several times already. my thing is ive done everything possible, i ruled out its not data corruption or anything ps4 related by simply going to a friends house and connecting to the internet resulting in me playing for 30 mins for the first time in forever…

 ive done port forwarding, done the google dns thing when i had rockstar on the phone, ive reset, completely reinstalled everything multiple times… ive dropped the firewall completely, yes port forwarding was done right had my ISP handle that, me taking down the fire wall completely made  no difference.

I mean… “you  need a new router” “connect to a hot spot or the neighbors wifi” and “just play something else” are NOT solutions to this problem. I am not the only one with this issue, trust me ive talked to tons of people over the last month who have had and are having the same issue, most common solution…  “i bought a new router” i get that or “i cant figure out how to fix it”

So what I want to know is…. WHAT is the problem, i have one of the fastest connections available to residential customers….. yet here i am UNABLE to play one of the only games i play. I want to know WHAT is CAUSING the problem, then i can fix it on my own. Its not the router, and its not the ports/firewalls and def not nat type or a dns issue.

 Im royaly pissed off right now and between the ISP and rockstar both thankfully trying to help me yet giving me NO answer as to whats causing this…. im about to say good bye to them both. there is absolutely no reason why we shouldnt be able to figure this out…

I  am so exhausted from you R* and my ISP pointing fingers back and forth… i just want you guys to figure out what is causing the problem and i can handle it from there. you guys would know exactly how many, if any and which ports are not receiving and or sending information… i can see them from home, so lord knows you can as well…

i haven’t invested this much time and money into your games just so i can be left to deal with this crap on my own

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