Windows 7 80072efe Update Error – How to Fix?

When upgrading Windows 7, error 80072efe is shown. I have a rather weak PC, so I decided on “7”. I am surprised that updates are still coming out for it. Have any of the “old timers” encountered something like this? Can you please tell me how to fix it and install the updates?


Error 80072efe means that the Windows Update failed to establish a stable connection with Microsoft’s servers. Obviously, if there is no connection, there are no updates.

Why does this happen? There are several reasons for this:

  • a corrupt Windows Update database;
  • the last update was not installed correctly;
  • the antivirus you are using is blocking the update files by mistake;
  • issues with the Windows 7 system registry;
  • BITS service is not getting the necessary links.

Here’s what we can do to get rid of error 80072efe on Windows 7:

  • scan your system for viruses and malware;
  • run the troubleshooter downloaded from Microsoft official website;
  • reset the network connection settings;
  • rename the catroot2 and SoftwareDistribution folders in System32;
  • install update/patch fix KB3138612 for Windows 7.
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