World of Warcraft ‘A character with that name already exists’ Error

I wanted to play WoW, but then I got the “A character with that name already exists” error. Oh yeah, it does exist, and it’s my character with my nickname! How is that even possible? So I created a character but I can’t play as him because he’s already exist? What a stupid contradiction… I’m completely baffled.


“A character with that name already exists” is one of the strangest messages World of Warcraft (WoW) players can encounter. Typically, the error occurs as a result of incorrect offloading of the character from the WoW game servers.

To get rid of the error, you need to do the following:

  • wait for about half an hour or so;
  • reset the interface settings:
    • open the root folder of the game;
    • go to the folder of the desired version of the game (retail, classic_era or classic);
    • rename folders Cache, Interface and WTF, for example, in CacheDamaged, InterfaceDamaged and WTFDamaged;
  • log in to the selected server via an additional character, and then log in via the main character.

If the “A character with that name already exists” error still persists (which is strange), we recommend contacting Blizzard Technical Support.

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