“a critical error has occurred Valorant” – what to do?

Please help get rid of a critical error has occurred Valorant! I’ve tried everything, but literally nothing works. I found a bunch of solutions on the Internet, but everything turned out to be useless. Every time you start the game, an error window appears, and nothing else. I would be grateful if at least someone could suggest at least one working solution. I want to play, but I can’t.


There are several ways to get rid of the “a critical error has occurred” Valorant error:

  • update video card drivers;
  • disable the overlay functionality of the MSI Afterburner program;
  • reset the CPU frequency to factory settings;
  • run the VALORANT-Win64-shipping.exe file in compatibility mode and as an administrator;
  • set vgc service parameters to automatic startup type;
  • in the GameUserSettings.ini file (VALORANT\Saved\Config\Windows) DefaultMonitorIndex and LastConfirmedMonitorIndex by -1;
  • update the motherboard BIOS.

The last decision may seem absurd, but some players managed to launch Valorant just after the BIOS / UEFI update.

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