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anyone else bug out/unresposive after dropping off npc in a wagon..,?

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just a curious question.., i was driving around in my hunting wagon near armadillo but above the canyon area.., i was i was driving by looking for animals to hunt.., i noticed red npcs and went down into the canyon through a convenient walkway..,(long story short.., i got off the wagon.., killed the NPC’s, and rescued the stranger that was hogtied on the floor.., since this was not marked as a gang hideout.., i assume the stranger would call for help) once all was safe.., i got back onto the wagon.., but the Stranger took abit of time to register(i assume) the vehicle i was in.., after a brief moment.., they got in on the passenger side.., things went normal and i dropped them off at armadillo..,
but both me and the npc left the wagon in the cutscene in which i assume was intended and not imagined or planned for the user to be on a wagon with the npc.., since the cutscene ended shortly.., and once in freeroam next to a random player.., i again boarded my hunting wagon.., only for it to error(my character frozen in place while getting on the wagon) but was able to break free.., tried again.., and noticed the position my character model was in.., and again.., moved to break free.., and ran to a nearby building.., and then proceeded to get a stutter/unresponsiveness and a error message..,(was not able to really save a screen of the error message but doesnt really matter that much in the long run.., knowing how it occured.., and a few other things..,)

so the real questions are.., TLDR.., Anyone else have an issue similar in which the game bugs out in this manner..,?
any other moments in which you have suspicion or right to believe this game in general and in total has moments in which its always expected for the player to be on horseback and none other..,(this situation i just had causes me to believe just that.., or a simple unexpected occurence of sort.., be it this.., or that.., or some other reason..,(phenomena or just unplanned, or weirdness)

asides all that.., a simple Task Manager.., and restarting the game(after the games unexpected closure popup) and im back in game, as normal..,

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