Atomic Heart ‘Available in The Full Version of the Game’ Error

So, in Atomic Heart there is a message “Available in the full version of the game” when I try to get into the car. What the hell is this? I already paid for the game! Or it’s not even the full version, but some kind of early access? I don’t think so… Can anyone at all explain what the problem is? The game was bought in Steam, as usual.


‘Available in The Full Version of the Game’ is a bug in Atomic Heart, which the developers will have to fix soon. It’s hard to say what exactly causes the message to appear, given that the game can only be played legally at the moment.

Anyway, some players have managed to get rid of this strange message by doing the following:

  • restart the game;
  • check the integrity of the game files;
  • completely reinstall Atomic Heart.

If none of the above helped, then you just have to wait for the release of the appropriate patch.

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