banned even after I reported and kicked the guy?

yesterday some player joined my possie that was open and started donating feathers to my camp seeming infinitely so I kicked him and reported him today I get on and im banned for 30 days and my account gets reset? what the hell ffs I reported and kicked the guy, how can they not see that I wasn’t apart of that. I also see a lot of people are victims of the same thing. I just wish they would investigate these things a little more.

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its funny how instead of fixing this CLEAR problem is to just ban innocents with zero compensation and punish us even further. Debating on refunding. Only got this for the online. I can understand a character reset IF we get the gold back. But to wipe us AND ban us without any compensation is just a giant middle finger to people who obey the rules.
Cause how int he HELL did we dare to use the games matchmaking system, right?

dude, playing a game and meeting randoms in a posse cant be compared to inviting people into my home with my wife and son you delusional weirdo.

Do you let random strangers you just met today in your house for a game night? Or do you get to know them some first before letting them into your group. The friends I have now would have never been in my crew or posse day one.

But isn’t the game supposed to be played co-op, should we just neglect the 3 other player spots in the crew and never engage in social activities with new players?

This is why you don’t do an open posse. Any moron or cheater can join and ruin the game. As far as bans go, the ban policy clearly states the first ban is 30 days and a character reset with the second ban being permanent.


Happened to me as well, I enjoy playing with an open posse to meet new people, this resulted in my gold from preorder to be just lost most likely.

Still have my ultimate edition bonuses, but I do believe it is a bit extreme to ban the posse leader and not the player/friend actually doing it

The same thing happened to me, we just have to complain about these poor and unfair ways for us and stop playing rdr2.